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Technology to Improve Performance and Reduce Attrition

Bit-Lever is our proprietary software platform. Bit-Lever is built to improve metric performance, foster a good relationship between management and the frontline, and make work fun. This platform has features and toolsets that will improve any contact center environment.

SMS for Contact Center
Incentive Store
Track Coaching
Quality Assurance
Metric Dashboards

A Better Agent Experience

A better Customer Experience is a natural outcome of a better Associate Experience. Our teams are provided with the technology and feedback necessary to constantly motivate and improve their performance.

Add an SMS Channel to your Contact Center

We are partnered with Cloud CCX, a team of experts in the implementation and management of custom Twilio and Amazon Connect solutions. These solutions will help to significantly improve the customer experience while making substantial gains in your budget.

Dashboards & Reports

Clear and accurate dashboards are key in guiding your teams to better performance. Bit-Lever makes it easy to create reports and dashboards customized to every role within your organization.

Get out of Excel

Excel is a powerful tool, but no one wants their managers to waste time on repetitive reports in Excel that could be automated. Almost any Excel report can be automated within Bit-Lever. Save time and money by eliminating spreadsheet driven intelligence.

Benchmark by Anything

Bit-Lever Dashboards can Benchmark performance and behavior by any metadata we have in Bit-Lever. Measure performance by Training Class, location, team, hiring source, etc. Quickly identify patterns in the factors that drive your business.

Omni-Channel Contact Center

We are partnered with providers of the latest in contact center technology. These solutions are catered to your environment and encompass multiple channels of engagement, workforce optimization, and automation.

  • IVR Design and Implementation with a focus on self-service
  • Virtual Assistant design
  • Omnichannel platform for voice, sms, and email
  • Speech and Data Analytics
Automated Trophies